The website prepares to 2.0 version. The some functions are off.

Сервис тестируется, отключены многие возможности. Cкоро выйдет релиз 2.0 сервиса и всех приложений.

REST API version 2

API base path:

Create your application, using API, and amaze all. Service have some methods to handle of user data.

  • Update your profile.
  • Upload the dumps of characters.
  • Create, delete and update the transfer configurations.
  • And other...

API listing

Всего 22 записи.
МетодПуть с параметрамиГруппаНазвание
get/users/:owner/dumps/:id/:field(не задано)Get dump field value
get/user/dumps/:id/:field(не задано)Get dump field value for authorized user
get/users/:owner/tconfigs(не задано)Get all public transfer configurations of user
get/wowservers(не задано)List of the public world of warcraft servers
get/coresCommonList of the WoW cores
get/productsCommonList of the service's applications or products
get/products/:idCommonView product by id
get/dumpsDumpsList of the public dumps
get/users/:owner/dumpsDumpsList of the user's public dumps
get/users/:owner/dumps/:idDumpsGet public user's dump
get/user/dumpsDumpsList of the dumps of authorized user
get/user/dumps/:idDumpsGet dump of the authorized user
get/dumps/fieldsDumpsGet dump fields names
post/dumps/sqlDumpsConvert lua dump to SQL script
get/dumps/:idDumpsGet the public dump
get/tconfigsTransfer configurationsGet all public transfer configurations
get/users/:owner/tconfigs/:idTransfer configurationsGet public transfer configuration of the user
get/user/tconfigsTransfer configurationsGet all transfer configurations of authorized user
get/user/tconfigs/:idTransfer configurationsGet transfer configuration of authorized user
get/tconfigs/:idTransfer configurationsGet transfer configuration
get/userUsersGet information of the authorized user.
patch/userUsersUpdate information of authorized user